Relying on strong marketing and supply chain management, we actively layout the global market
At present in Central Asia, Russia, ASEAN market actively preparing for the establishment of local marketing network.

Our services and advantages are based on the following points:

Perfect global logistics supply system

Dongguan Bigersc Supply Chain Management Company has established cooperative relations with more than 3000 product manufacturers, they are distributed in automobile manufacturing and parts production, motorcycle manufacturing, and production, and light aircraft production.

Strong pre-sales consulting service crowd

Bigersc relies on Waimaolang's strong marketing network to expand the market. They have 4 foreign trade bases in China, 1200 staff, 5000 square meters of office space, with 10 years of foreign trade market development history, familiar with foreign trade from pre-sales consulting to a logistics service experience.

It has a relatively large price advantage

Bigersc has established a deep friendship with the product manufacturers we cooperate with, and through the method of collection, we have achieved a good advantage in price, and this advantage will be further expanded with the increase in sales.

Actively layout the global and local sales network

As the order volume continues to increase, we have faced some challenges in the local service, but it is OK that we are actively working to improve these problems, and have been actively preparing for the establishment of local sales network in Central Asia, Russia and ASEAN.

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